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Romelio Martinez Stadium

Football (Masculine)

It is Barranquilla’s original, mythical stadium. For decades, the city’s football fans gathered there to witness the best moments of the local professional team, Atlético Junior.

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Edgar Renteria Stadium


Colombia will have once again a worthy baseball stadium in Barranquilla, the cradle of the sport in the country.

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Julio Torres Stadium

Football (Feminine) and Rugby

The Modern Stadium is considered the first stadium in Colombia. It was built in 1922 and used for amateur football since Colombia didn’t have a professional division during those years.

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Parque Distrital de Raquetas


It will be one of the most important sporting legacies for the city after the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018.

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Sugar Baby Rojas Coliseum


The Humberto Perea Coliseum was one of the most beloved and traditional sport arenas of the city, which was demolished for the creation of a modern version of the coliseum, the Sugar Baby Rojas Coliseum.

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Elias Chegwin Coliseum


After the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018 the city will have one of the most modern arenas for the basketball competitions.

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Aquatic Complex

Swimming, water polo, artistic swimming and diving

With all the necessary specifications to host the swimming, diving and synchronized swimming competitions during the Central American and Caribbean Games, the new Aquatic Complex will be one of the most modern in the country.

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Rafael Cotes Stadium

Athletics (warm-up exercises)

It will be the first arena focused on the practice of athletics in Barranquilla, with facility regulations that will allow national and international athletics competitions in the city.

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Roberto Melendez Stadium

Athletics, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The main stadium of Barranquilla will also play an important role in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, because it will be the main focus during the opening and closing ceremonies, and of course, the athletics competitions.

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Little League Stadium


Is the best quality diamond in the country for the Softbol game. With natural turf and punctual fulfillment of the international norms.

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Daniel Barragan BMX Track


Built by international experts, of the stature of the American Tom Ritz, is certified to the height of the last Olympic Games.

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Alex Cujavante Skatepark

Speed Skating

En un país que es potencia mundial en las lides del patinaje de carreras, el escenario de esta actividad no podría estar por debajo de las aspiraciones.

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Puerta de Oro Convention Center

Esgrima, Tenis de Mesa, Voleibol Playa, Gimnasia Artística, Rítmica y Trampolín

The Puerta de Oro Convention Center is the most modern tourist complex of businesses destined to the accomplishment of fairs, events and conventions.

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Olympic Villa

The Olympic Villa of the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Sports Games Barranquilla 2018 is ready to host the 37 delegations of the countries and territories that will participate in the jousts.


Calima Lake

Founded in April 2012 with the firm intention of promoting and supporting sailing sports serving the community.

Club Campestre de Cali

The Club Campestre de Cali is the only club in Colombia that has a doubles court with the standard measures of the WSF (World Squash Federation).

Bowling Coliseum

This bowling coliseum consists of 20 automatic tracks with stands, administrative areas, cafeterias, medical areas among others.

Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome

It’s track is considered one of the fastest in the world builted in wood.


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La Florida Park

Natural spaces of great dimension and high environmental values, owned by the Capital District, located totally or partially outside it’s perimeter.

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Army Riding School

In this beautiful capital stage, the equestrian competitions will be disputed.