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  • Jan 01 - Jan 31


    Carnaval de las Artes: It is an International Event in which the people pay tribute to the great creators of the arts, while they talk a little about their lives and works.
    Organized by: Fundación La Cueva
    Phone: (5) 3792786
    Website: www.fundacionlacueva.org

    Loa de Baranoa: It is the oldest religious & popular tradition of Atlántico. It represents the Epiphany of the 'Señor de gran esplendor', the tradition has been held in the last 152 years in the municipality of Atlántico.
    Organized by: Baranoa City Hall
    Phone: (5) 878 72 22 – 878 912
    Website: www.baranoa-atlantico.gov.co

  • Feb 01 - Feb 28


    Carnaval de Barranquilla: It is considered one of the most festive and colorful carnivals of the world. Declared Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO
    Organized by: Carnaval S.A / Barranquilla City Hall
    Phone: 3796621-3705772
    Website: www.carnavaldebarranquilla.orgwww.barranquilla.gov.co/cultura

  • Mar 01 - Mar 31


    Plataforma K: It is a creative business and fashion event. Companies of the design and fashion sector launch their different products, through four scenarios, these events can be extended throughout the year. Likewise, the platform K also carried out Business conferences, runway, Pop Up Store and Virtual Platform.
    Organized by: Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce
    Phone: 3303700
    Website: www.plataformak.co

    FICBAQ: International Film Festival of Barranquilla, represents a commitment to convert Barranquilla a place of film promotion.
    Organized by: Fundación Cámara Oscura
    Website: www.ficbaq.com

    Festival de la Ciruela in Campeche: In Baranoa, on the third weekend of this month, the people of Campeche and Baranoa show to the country the result of their harvest of plum, a fleshy fruit of large seed that is enjoyed both greenish and ripe.
    Contact: Roque Tolosa Navarro - Calle 6A No. 14-141.
    Organized by: Fundación Cultural Agropecuaria Festival de la Ciruela

    Festival del Dulce in Sabanalarga: In order to keep the traditions of the Holy Week, this weekend will be held in the Barrios Sabanitas and Cementerio Sabanalarga, Atlántico, the Festival del Dulce
    Organized by: Organización folclórica Cebras Recocheras

    Holy Week in Santo Tomás and Sabanalarga: In these two municipalities of Atlántico the way the local people celebrate the Holy Week has no equal. Their activities include processions, exhibitions and craft samples.
    Organized by: Santo Tomás City Hall- Sabanalarga City Hall
    Website: www.santotomas-atlantico.gov.cowww.sabanalarga-atlantico.gov.co

  • Apr 01 - Apr 30


    Encuentro Nacional e Internacional de Teatro de Barranquilla (ENITBAR): A scenario for the formation of citizens throughout culture and the scenic arts
    Organized by: Fundación Cultural y Social Cofradía Teatral.
    Phone: 300 704 3792
    Website: www.cofradiateatral.com

  • May 01 - May 31


    Cine a la Calle: It is an International Outdoor Short Film festival held in the main educational and cultural centers of the city; It includes an academic program with national filmmakers.
    Organized by: Fundación Cine a la Calle
    Phone: 3490269
    Website: www.cinealacalle.org

    Fiesta de la Cruz: Masses, Eucharist celebration and other religious manifestations in the Barrio San José of the municipality of Campo de la Cruz, there’s no regional event without fandangos, cumbias and other folk dances.

  • Jun 01 - Jun 30


    Fiesta de la Música: With the idea of ​​reinforcing the citizen consciousness, based on music, these events are held in different stages of the city.
    Organized by: Alianza Francesa
    Phone: 3490269
    Website: www.alianzafrancesa.org.co

    Festival Nacional Son de Negro: Held in the municipality of Santa Lucía, the festival offers a natural way of appreciating the Afro-descendant legacy as well as the mixture of three ethnic groups that are part of Colombia.
    Organized by: Corporación Son de Negro
    Phone: (5) 8724339
    Website: www.corporacionsondenegro.org

    Festival de la Arepa de Huevo en Luruaco: it takes place in the last weekend of June, in which all the traditional vendors of egg arepa compete for achieving the awards for the most delicious arepa, the biggest arepa, the smaller arepa and the most innovative arepa.
    Organized by: Municipality of Luruaco
    Phone: (5) 8749047
    Website: www.luruaco-atlantico.gov.co/index.shtml

    Festival del Arte y la Cultura de Suán de la Trinidad: the cultural meeting of arts that has been positioning year after year and counting with international guests and of course the municipalities of Atlántico, during the Festival there are performances of the different artistic areas, folkloric and other musical groups.
    Organized by: Suán City Hall

  • Jul 01 - Jul 31


    Poema Río: The International Festival of poetry of the Caribbean "Rio and Mar de Palabras"
    Organized by: Corporación Luis Eduardo Nieto Arteta
    Phone: 3157289375
    Email: miriarte@clena.org

    Festival de la Máscara y el Bejuco: The handicraft exhibition in the municipality of Galapa, epicenter of the bejuco, a native plant of the region, the bejuco is used for the people of the region to make different handicraft products
    Organized by: Galapa City Hall

  • Aug 01 - Aug 31


    Festival Internacional de Cuenteros “El Caribe Cuenta”: A meeting between Colombian and Ibero-American narrators, who gather to strengthen the oral narration in the Colombian Caribbean Region.
    Organized by: Fundación Luneta 50
    Phone: 3604988
    Website: www.luneta50.org.co/website

    Sabor Barranquilla: An event that promotes the culinary wealth of the Caribbean Region. It Includes trade fair and academic events.
    Organized by: Colombian Red Cross y Fenalco
    Phone: 3531448
    Website: www.saborbarranquilla.com

  • Sep 01 - Sep 30


    Barranquijazz: It is considered the most important International Jazz and Latin Jazz Festival in Colombia and the Caribbean.
    Organized by: Fundación Cultural Nueva Música
    Phone: 3532919-3535162
    Website: www.barranquijazz.com

  • Nov 01 - Nov 30


    Salón Internacional del Autor Audiovisual: It is a non-competitive space where renowned national and international film and audiovisual arts professionals exhibit their work and share experiences with the audience.
    Organized by: Cinemateca del Caribe
    Phone: 3684101-3684100
    Website: www.cinematecadelcaribe.com

    Feria Agroindustrial del Atlántico en Sabanalarga: An event where the attendees have the opportunity to know about the livestock and the latest innovations in the country's agroindustrial sector.
    Organized by: Corporación de Ferias del Atlántico.
    Phone: 3609108
    E-mail: corporaciondeferiasdelatlanico@hotmail.com

  • Dec 01 - Dec 31


    It is a religious expression that takes place in the Municipality of Suan, where the main activity is a procession through the streets of the town, bazaars and fairs. At dawn on 8 December, the population lights up the sign of respect to the Holy Mother of God, putting candles on the doors of their homes.
    Organized by: Barranuqilla City Hall.